Teaching & Learning

STEAMing Up Literacy (Level 1)

The content in this course is designed to begin your understanding of STEAM integration (design thinking) and apply this knowledge to your own classroom. You will have the opportunity to implement a mini lesson and receive feedback about your lesson. Two “office hours” will be available to chat with the instructor and others enrolled in this course.
  • Before you begin
  • Task 1: Introduction Activity
  • Task 2: Image reflection
  • Task 3a: Research
  • Task 3a Video 1: Design Thinking - A Problem Solving Framework
  • Task 3a Video 2: STEAM + Project-Based Learning
  • Task 3a Video 3: STEAM Education Program
  • Task 3a: Article
  • Task 3a: Search
  • Task 3b: Reflection of Research
  • Task 3c: How do I get started?
  • Task 4a: Action Plan
  • Task 4b: Revised Action Plan
  • Task 4c: Test Your Plan
  • Task 4d: Implications for Future Practice
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed