SEL & Mental Health

Trauma Brain (Level 1)

The brain is constantly changing and molding in response to the environment. These changes impact student learning. This is especially true in terms of trauma. This training is designed to help participants learn what goes on in the brain and how they can set up a learning environment for each of the students in their class.

Format: Asynchronous Learning and Coaching Duration: 8 hours Facilitator: Jim Still-Pepper

  • Introduction
  • Task 1a: Introduction
  • Task 1b: Pop Can
  • Envisioning
  • Task 2a: Quote
  • Task 2b: Quote Reflection
  • Concepts & Content
  • Task 3a: Research and Reflect
  • Task 3b: Survival Focus
  • Task 3c: Amygdala Responses
  • Task 3d: Amygdala Responses of Your Students
  • Task 3e: Flow
  • Task 3f: Flow Reflection
  • Task 3g: Creating Settle
  • Task 3h: Settle and You
  • Application
  • Task 4a: Develop an Action plan
  • Task 4b: Implementation/Feedback
  • Task 4c: Reflect and Improve
  • Course Evaluation
  • Task 5: Evaluation Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed