Family Engagement

Supporting Families (Level 2)

In Engaging Families Through Support - Level 1, you learned about eight types of parents/caregivers and reflected on your past experiences with each type, culminating in a plan to better engage specific types as partners in their children's education. During this 8-hour asynchronous course you will delve deeper in your understanding of the eight types of parents/caregivers by speaking with individual family members you work with, discovering what they need from you and your program, and implementing an action plan informed by the actual families you serve. Doing so will give you sustainable skills and strategies to build stronger family engagement year after year.

Format: Asynchronous Learning and Coaching Duration: 8 hours Facilitator: Jim Still-Pepper

  • Introduction
  • Task 1a: Support it Challenge (Part 1)
  • Task 1b: Support it Challenge (Part 2)
  • Envisioning
  • Task 2: Reflection
  • Concepts & Content
  • Task 3a: Research - Support
  • Task 3b: 8 Parents(Caregiver) Types
  • Implementation
  • Task 4a: Parent Interviews
  • Task 4b: Identifying Parent Type Interview 1
  • Task 4c: Identifying Parent Type Interview 2
  • Task 4d: Identifying Parent Type Interview 3
  • Task 4e: Creating an Action Plan
  • Task 4f: Implementation
  • Task 4g: Reflect and Improve
  • Evaluation
  • Task 5: Evaluation Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed