Teaching & Learning

Differentiated & Engaged Instruction (Level 2)

This 8-hour, self-paced course is facilitated by Laurie Trotter, an EnvisionEdPlus Instructional Specialist.
The course explores advanced differentiation as an effective instructional method that is responsive to the learner’s preferences and interests. Create, implement, and improve a lesson plan to engage all learners. Participants will learn through various articles, videos, examples, strategies, and resources to be able to be proficient in starting to adapt lessons to meet all needs of students in their classroom.

Recommended Prerequisite: Differentiated and Engaged Instruction (Level 1).

Format: Asynchronous Learning and Coaching Duration: 8 hours Facilitator: Laurie Trotter

  • Introduction
  • Task 1: Four Quotes Prompt
  • Envisioning
  • Task 2: We believe in you! Let’s change our mindset and shake it up!
  • Concepts & Content
  • Task 3a: Grit
  • Task3b: Carol A. Tomlinson Differentiation and the Brain
  • Task 3b: Video Response
  • Task 3c: Angela Duckworth on The Strongest Predictor for Success
  • Task 3c: Carol Dweck on the Power of Yet
  • Task 3c: Response to Videos
  • Task 3d: Different Outlook on Feedback
  • Task 3d: Effective Feedback
  • Task 3d: Helping students be able to know, do and understand
  • Task 3e: Blended Learning with Student Voice and Ownership
  • Task 3e: Students Owning Learning Will Motivate and Engage
  • Task 3f: Investigating the Differentiation Resources
  • Application
  • Task 4a: Creating a Lesson
  • Task 4b: Improving Your Lesson
  • Task 4c: Implement Your plan
  • Task 4d: Reflect on Your Learning
  • Evaluation
  • Task 5: Evaluation Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever